Pin Styles
Cloisonne: These pins are die struck and then the cloisonne is injected into the "wells" of the pin. Each color is baked and then the final pin is buffed down to reveal the metal lines. This style of pin has a very high quality jewelry look to it.
Soft enamel: These pins are die struck and then each color is applied with a small brush. The color is lowered and the metal raised giving it an embossed look and feel.
Stamped: This style of pin is a die struck pin without any color applied. This creates a classy jewelry-like effect.
Photo etched: These pins are created using an etched plate. This style of pin only supports soft enamel because the color wells aren't very deep. This process allows the pins to hold a great deal of detail.
Printed: These pins are created by offset printing onto a metal base and usually have an epoxy dome to protect the surface. The benefits are that almost any art can be reproduced onto a pin.
Cast: A cast pin is three dimensional and can have any number of holes through it without incurring any pierce tool charges.

Pierce holes: A separate tool is created to pierce out any section of the pin.
Silk screen: Colors can be silk screened on the surface of a cloisonne or photo etched pin for complex designs that can not be achieved by traditional methods.
Epoxy dome: This is a transparent covering that can be used on soft enamel and photo etched pins and printed pins.
Jump rings: A ring can be pierced out of the emblem for use as pendants or danglers.
Sandblasting: This goes well for creating a frosted look to lowered areas with no color. Can be used on any die struck or cast pin.
Other: There are many more options such as antique finish and gem stones. If you don't see something you want just ask!
Size and shape: Almost any size and shape can be achieved. Remember though, your design should be compatible with the size you choose.
Metal finish: Gold, gold antique, silver, silver antique, copper, copper antique, black,

Clutch: This is the most common back and comes standard on the pins. Available in gold and silver.
Rubber: This back holds great and feels better against the skin. Available in yellow and black at no extra cost.
Safety bar: Holds great and keeps a pin from spinning. Available in gold or silver.
Deluxe: This back looks and holds great. Gives it a higher perceived value. Available in gold or silver.
Magnet: This back holds great without putting a hole in your clothes. It can also be used as a refrigerator or locker magnet.
Other: There are too many options to mention but here are just a few: magnets, screw backs, stick pins, cuff links, ear rings, money clips, chains, key rings, leather key fobs, book marks, and much more. If you don't see what you want just ask!

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